Rendu Services...service to those in need.

Sisters of Rendu

Sister Mary Francis Bassick, D.C.
Sister Ellen McElroy, D.C.
Intake/Case Management Worker St. Vincent de Paul Store
Sister Annette Frey, S.C.
Community Liaison and Parish Nursing Program Consultant
Sister Alice O'Connell, S.C.N.
Coordinator of Health Van and Health Promotion Programs
Sister Dorothy Dolan, S.C.
Office Manager
Sister Mary Philip Aaron, S.C.
Program Development & Grant Writing
Sister Nancy Cassidy, D.C.
Referral Coordinator, Family Literacy and Food Pantry
Sister Mary Ann Woodward, D.C.
Staff Nurse and Health Promotion

All Sisters of Rendu participate in a variety of local/regional boards, committees, and councils offering expertise in areas of health and human services.

The Sisters are Spiritual Moderators of several local Ladies of Charity groups who reach out to serve the Fayette County communities in a variety of ways.

The staff of Rendu Services is made up of Sisters of Charity, Nazareth, Kentucky, the Sisters of Charity, Seton Hill, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and the Daughters of Charity Ministries, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri. There are currently seven Sisters ministering at Rendu Services.

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